Easy connection to your existing system

Integration into your infrastructure

Direct connection of your existing data infrastructure with Dashlake

Data Sources

Use your existing data sources to connect directly to Dashlake and start working without any detours.

Dashlake processes the collected data and transfers it fully automatically to databases, data warehouses, cloud services, e-shops and software.

Choose from countless tools, software, databases and services that can be easily expanded as required:

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The connection of further software to Dashlake is possible at any time
and can be realized for you by our team on request.

Your advantage with Dashlake

Dashlake as central core software

All information in one place

Use your existing data sources to connect directly to Dashlake and start working without any detours.

Data Synchronization

The integration of Dashlake into your data infrastructure enables the uncomplicated automation of your business processes. All required data is extracted, synchronized as required and then transferred to the target system.

Data Analysis

Dashlake reads all the data required for your individual analyses, extracts and analyzes it in order to provide it in the desired form. The information obtained can then be visualized and forwarded to the desired target software as transformed data records.

Connection without limitations

With Dashlake as your central core software, you can concentrate all of your company’s data streams on a single platform.

The unlimited connection of your data sources and destinations enables efficient reading, processing, evaluation and fast forwarding to the corresponding target systems.

Dashlake at the heart of your data analysis and processing

Use Dashlake as a hub for your data streams. We conveniently link your existing databases, data warehouses, ERP and CRM solutions, e-shops and documents with Dashlake.

Automated (AI) data analysis enables you to gain deep insights into every conceivable corner of your company at any time in order to continuously optimize your processes. Benefit from unlimited possibilities for analysis design to continuously increase your productivity and efficiency.

Submit your request now and bundle your data and information, optimally prepared for you, in a single location using Dashlake as the core software in your company


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